Smart Start Credit Recovery Program

A FREE virtual class to help you begin your journey to improving your credit to get a home loan.

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The road to GREAT credit is not easy.

There is so much information out there on how to fix your credit and it can very overwhelming. Finding people who can help can be just as frustrating. We want to empower you to start the road to improving your credit.

This FREE, 35 min virtual class can help you unlearn old habits about managing your credit and start your journey to increased credit.

Click Here To Gain Access To The Credit Class

Here’s What You’ll Learn

What Credit Scores Lenders Look For

Every lender is different and has different credit requirements. With many programs to choose from, we will go over the most popular programs and credit requirements

How Your Scores Are Calculated

Learn what to look for in improving your credit. When you know how your scores are calculated it can help you increase your credit scores faster.

How Negative Accounts Affect Your Credit

Not all negative items on your credit report are calculated the same. From judgments to charge-offs knowing how it can affect you can help you start the road to credit recovery.

What It Takes To Get a Home Loan

You do not need perfect credit to purchase a home. We will discuss in the class the misconception on getting a home loan. You may be able to qualify sooner than you think.

How You Can Get Credit Counseling For FREE

Sounds strange. Come to the class and find out how.

Ready to start that road to GREAT credit?

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Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who's this class for?

This virtual class is designed for people looking to make a change in their credit and purchase a home. Individuals attending this class are open-minded, ready for a change, and looking to get results.

What's the time commitment?

The class itself is 1 hour. We go over a lot. So bring a pen and paper to take notes. If you could not take in all the FREE information then contact us.

Am I guaranteed results?

While we'd love to be able to guarantee GREAT results, however, we aren't fortune tellers. What we can guarantee is that you'll be given the tools, techniques, and support you need to help you improve your credit.  

Do you offer credit counseling?

YES! We do it at no cost to you. We can identify your short or long-term goals and work towards achieving them together. If you need extensive credit repair then we are affiliated with a credit repair company to help you get started on the right track FAST.

About the Presenter

Ameerah Rounds is a mortgage broker with Grove Capital and a Keller Williams sales agent. She has talked with many clients about real estate, money management, and credit. This is her passion in life and is looking to help people reach their dreams of homeownership.

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Smart Start Credit Recovery

Register now for this FREE virtual class to help you start that journey to better credit.